"What Brian Setzer has done for the Christmas season, The Jimmy Psycho Experiment has done for Halloween...swanky, spooky tunes that swing all year long...""

-Ain't It Cool News


"Mad Monster Cocktail Party satisfies with a fine selection of horror themes stylishly rendered in a lounge format—the perfect audio element for your suavely devilish gathering, where sophisticated drinks are imbibed by Hellish throngs. May this be the first of many experiments from Jimmy Psycho's laboratory."

-Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan


"One of the best releases of 2012: "Mad Monster Cocktail Party" by The Jimmy Psycho Experiment..."

-Koop Kooper, Cocktail Nation


"A wonderful collection of lounged-up Monster-themed tracks to get your cocktail party in the perfect mood to raise the Spirits, either bottled or buried"

-Joe Netherworld and Peggy Gilmore, The Cocktail Vultures


"He’s either a musical alchemist, or a madman, whatever the case I can’t help but groove to The Jimmy Psycho Experiment’s Mad Monster Cocktail Party. With a healthy mix of familiar themes, and a sensational lounge vibe, Mad Monster Cocktail Party has made it’s way into my permanent ‘go-to’ guest dinner playlist. If you are a Cocktailian looking for the perfect atmosphere, or a Tikiphile with a penchant for horror and old school hollywood themes, this is the album for you, don’t miss it!"

-Adam P Campbell, 9sense Podcast


"Jimmy's self-described 'Horror Lounge Musick' works well as music at a swingin' Halloween party, this is a fun idea that should surprise Psycho Charger fans with its unexpected approach to some of horror's best-known hits."

- Rue Morgue Magazine